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Our Teachers

How GREAT is the SCPS Staff?


For over 28 years, I have had the privilege of spending my days  with the staff of St. Catherine’s Preschool.   We lovingly call ourselves the “Sisters of St. Catherine’s Preschool” and that is what we truly are.  We've been fortunate to have a few wonderful young men join our staff in the past year or so and so our family has grown and evolved. 


The teachers at St. Catherine’s Preschool are the absolute BEST women and men ever.  They are dedicated to teaching the children the true love of learning and of our Catholic faith.  They work many more hours than they can be paid to give these preschoolers all they need developmentally, spiritually, emotionally and cognitively to progress forward.  They not only nurture the child but the entire family. We LOVE to get to know the families of their students.  We truly care and that is a gift that is priceless. Each of our staff have exceptional gifts that they share with our preschool and I feel truly blessed to have each of them in our school.

We all feel that communication is key to a successful year. St. Catherine’s Preschool and our teachers have many forms of communicating with you. Listed below are explanations of the areas we utilize:


  • Monthly Calendars and Preschool Teacher Letters – These items list upcoming field trips, special guest, snack person, birthday’s etc.  Your child’s preschool teacher provides these at the beginning of each month.

  • Daily and Weekly News – The Two and Three year old classes will be sending home “Weekly News” forms to give you a more current update on the status of your child’s classroom activities.  The Four and Five year old classes will be sending home “Daily News” forms to give you daily updates on your child’s class activities.

  • Monthly Chit Chat – This item is a school newsletter that gives many important dates and reminders for the month. The preschool office provides this newsletter at the beginning of each month via email.

  • Voice Mail – Each Preschool Teacher and Assistant will have an individual voice mail that can be accessed by a direct line number.  This will be given to you at parent orientation.

  • E-Mail – You may correspond with the Preschool by using our email address at There can be no email interaction between parents and preschool teacher’s personal email.

  • Website – You can look on the church website and click the Preschool link for additional information on our preschool or go directly to the preschool website. The church website address is and the Preschool website is

  • Social Media (@stcatherinespreschool) – You can view photos and events/information on future events here:

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