Early 5's Teachers

Early 5's/5 Alive with Mrs. Spotts and Ms. Eyester

Mrs. Spotts, in her 15th year at the Preschool, loves good books, gardening, and music. Mrs. Spotts is the proud mom of 2 grown children, one of whom is a preschool graduate. She comes from a large Irish Mexican family and has seven sisters and five brothers.  Mrs. Spotts loves pilates and hiking and although she is small in stature, she thinks she is taller than she is!  

Ms. Eyester begins her 6th year at the Preschool and is the proud mom of 2 Preschool graduates. As a former chef, she enjoys trying new restaurants.  Ms. Eyester has organized lunches at the KSU Catholic Center for many years.  She enjoys her time with her kids, reading, coffee and watching Dr. Who.

Early 5's with Mrs. Esposito and Mrs. Dudasko

Mrs. Esposito, whose 3 daughters are Preschool graduates, is a 24 year veteran of the Preschool. She is a long time Girl Scout volunteer who loves nature, walking, reading and music.  Originally from Long Island, NY, Miss Jean enjoys time with her family.  Miss Jean was once the leader of her church folk group.

Mrs. Dudasko, who substituted at the Preschool last year, is originally from Texas.  Mrs. Dudasko joins her son at the Preschool this year.  Her family enjoys hiking and watching Nascar. Mrs. Dudasko, a graduate of an all-girls Catholic high school in Dallas, loves reading, Blue Bell ice cream and Disney movies.