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Mission Statement

St. Catherine’s Preschool is committed to providing an excellent, well-rounded curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for children, and to provide each child with a faith filled learning environment that will enhance their growth both developmentally and spiritually.

In order to develop each child at their appropriate age level, St. Catherine’s Preschool program integrates five specific areas:


  •  Emotional

  •  Cognitive

  •  Physical

  •  Social

  •  Spiritual

Choosing Our Preschool Program

As a parent, assessing how well a preschool program will satisfy the needs and preferences of you and your child is a very important task.  When choosing between preschool programs, it is important to consider:

  • the curriculum standards,

  • the safety procedures,

  • the staff credentials,

  • the student to teacher ratio,

  • and, above all, the importance of a Catholic faith-based environment.

This can really only be done by visiting the preschool and meeting with some of the staff.  We welcome your visit, and if possible, please contact the Director to set up a personal tour.

When visiting us, give yourself time to get a feeling for the classroom’s general atmosphere and the extent to which children appear comfortable and involved. Our educational and organizational climate is indicated by friendliness among the staff and children.

We have found that children in our preschool are usually not easily distracted by visitors and continue to be absorbed in their work or play.

We look forward to meeting you and your child!

Characteristics of the Program

Our program has a Catholic faith-based and age appropriate thematic curriculum. Each week has a special “theme” to guide the learning process.  These range across subjects such as “Dizzy Dinosaurs” (Science) to “West Wing” (Social Studies) to “Heavenly Bodies” (Faith Formation).  In addition, children are exposed to extra classes in Scripture, Music, Movement, Language Arts, and Creative Arts.  Our staff is well trained and the turnover rate is very low. St. Catherine’s Preschool is united as a family. Our staff are very involved with their students and their families. They love what they do!


The History of

St. Catherine's Preschool


In 1988 on Ben King Road,

Mother’s Morning Out started, so we’ve been told.

St. Catherine of Siena – a Catholic Church for us all

had a space on it’s grounds – a tin-walled “Herbert Hall.”

Joy, Jan and Debbie first directed the clan.

Then Linda, and now Karen, continued the plan.

With eight simple classrooms and an office beneath the stairs

bright teachers were summoned with smart lessons to share.

Classes were in session from 9 until noon:

science, and math, and art with balloons!

In the early years, for an additional fee,

“lunch bunch” was formed as the children shouted with glee.

More classrooms were needed as the Mother’s Morning Out grew.

A new name for our group was suggested, too.

St. Catherine’s Preschool was the name that we chose

and out of the parking lot a new building arose.

Housing twos, threes, fours and early five year olds too,

music and movement – all rooms with a view.

An office for meetings, a fully stocked closet,

a library with books to check out or deposit.

A garden for teaching, an outdoor classroom for sprawling,

a playground with slides and tunnels for crawling.

A Grotto for praying, a Church for our Mass,

a Chapel for Bible and a Rosary in each class.

Our day still begins precisely at nine

and ends around one with three carpool lines.

“Wee Twos” have been added to keep up the needs

of our growing young families and current trends, indeed.

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