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K-4's Classes

St. Catherine’s K-4 program has been designed for the 4-year-old who will go to Kindergarten the following year.

We explore the alphabet, numbers, science, social studies, art, music, movement and religion in a structured, loving environment. These areas are emphasized through hands-on, educational centers.

Our Language Arts curriculum uses a phonics-based program called “Lippincott.” A letter of the week is also included in our curriculum. We also use a hands-on learning curriculum called “Handwriting Without Tears”.  This is enhanced with other outside materials from Scholastic’s thematic, story-based “AlphaTales.” 

The Math program used is a hands on program called “Mathematics Your Way.” This popular Math program is designed to give the children strong, basic skills, such as sets, patterning, sequencing, graphing, etc., that give them a firm foundation for their future math growth.

Science is explored with weekly themes and hands on activities. Science is enhanced further with monthly classes from “Science

Excitement”. All of this is accomplished with a fun, yet constructive “hands on” method.


The spiritual needs of the K-4’s expands upon the Catholic faith by reciting grace before meals, attending bible class, and mastering the Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, and The Lord’s Prayer.  Monthly religious themes are used that include Saints, The Ten Commandments, and Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. In addition, there is a monthly highlighted Acts of Mercy.

Gross motor skill development is accomplished through detailed instruction during movement class as well as during playground and classroom group activities.

The K-4’s emotional and social development program will help build the child from the inside out and encourage the emotional and social growth needed for new larger group settings.

Finally, the K-4’s curriculum is designed to encourage logical and critical thinking skills through music, art, science, and programs in math, phonics, and social studies.

The class will also work on listening and social skills as well. The goal for the “K-4 Kids” is Kindergarten readiness!!

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