K-4's with Miss Vicki and Miss Kim

K-4's Teachers

Miss Vicki, a former art teacher and Florida Gator fan, is in her 30th year at the Preschool.  Miss Vicki's 3 daughters attended the Preschool and she is the first of our staff members who who's grandchildren have attended the Preschool!  When she is not spending time with friends and family, Miss Vicki creates art and loves to travel. 

As the mom of 4 Preschool graduates, Miss Kim begins her 16th year at the Preschool.  She loves boating on the lake or on the ocean, spending time with her family and friends and working out.  Miss Kim, a former flight attendant, loves to travel (especially on private planes).

K-4's with Miss Julie and Miss Sarah

Miss Julie has been a teacher for 15 years and we are glad to welcome her to the Preschool this year.  Originally from England, Miss Julie loves Earl Grey tea, chocolate and loves to watch British mystery shows.  Besides spending time with her family, Miss Julie loves her rescue dog, Zoey and being outside on sunny days.

Miss Sarah joined our staff last year, but has been part of the St. Catherine's family for many years.  Her daughter is a student at the "Big School". She loves spending time with her family and dogs.  An enthusiastic participant in 5ks, Miss Sarah also enjoys reading, cooking, baking and a good nap on a Sunday afternoon.  This year, she will be playing the tuba with the SCS Blazer Band.