K-4's with Miss Karen and Miss Stephanie

K-4's Teachers


Returning after a long hiatus, Miss Karen begins her 7th year at St. Catherine's Preschool.  Miss Karen and her husband of 36 years, Bill, are parents to Chris and Stephanie and grandparents to 3 little boys.  She enjoys spending time with her grandkids, traveling to the beach, hiking, reading and playing the piano, Miss Karen has run 4 Peachtree Road Races. 


Miss Stephanie has been part of the Preschool family since 2018.  Her son is a 2nd grader at the Big School & her sweet little girl attends the Preschool. Miss Stephanie loves traveling (especially to the beach), Dunkin' Donuts Caramel iced coffee, yoga and all things Disney.  As an avid concert goer, she has been to over 30 concerts!

K-4's with Miss Denisse and Miss Sarah

Miss Sarah has begun her 3rd year as a teacher at the Preschool, but has been part of the St. Catherine's family for many years.  Her daughter, Gracie (11) is a student at the "Big School". She loves spending time with her family, her husband, Jaime and dogs.  An enthusiastic participant in 5ks, Miss Sarah also enjoys reading, cooking, baking and a good nap on a Sunday afternoon.  This year, she is training for a 15k. 

Miss Denisse joins our Preschool Family this year.   Miss Denisse and her husband have 3 children, Emily (15), Nicole (12) and Carter (7).  Shei enjoys spending time with her family, reading fiction, swimming and long wallks on trails in the fall. Miss Denisse is a big fan of historical English monarchs.  Her goal is to someday visit their historic castles and towers.