3's Teachers

3's with Miss Erika and Miss Janet

Although Miss Erika begins her 6th year at the Preschool, her family has been a Preschool Family for many years. Married to her high school sweetheart, all of their 5 children have walked the halls of the Preschool. Erika's enjoys crafting, shopping and traveling.   She loves being a wife & mom and plays the cello.

Miss Janet is the proud mom of 4 children, all of whom have graduated from the Preschool.  She has been a teacher at the Preschool for 10 years. A native of Western Pennsylvania, Miss Janet enjoys traveling, live theater, shopping, yoga classes, and going to the movies. 

3's with Miss Mika and Miss Lynn

Originally from New Jersey, Miss Mika has been a parishioner and catechist here at St. Catherine's for 4 years.  She is the mom of 3 boys and her family loves their wide array of pets (lizards, fish, turtle, hamster, cats and dogs).  Miss Mika enjoys watching her sons play sports and going for walks.  She also loves Hobby Lobby!

Miss Lynn joins the Preschool this year.  She has been a teacher for 8 years.  As the mom of 3 children, Miss Lynn enjoys spending time with her family.  She is an active tennis player and also enjoys traveling, eating out and watching soccer.  Originally from Charlotte, NC, Miss Lynn has 2 dogs and 4 cats.

3's with Miss Deb and Miss Sue

In her 4th year at the Preschool, Miss Deb enjoys cooking and especially loves listening to live music.  She is the proud mom to 2 boys who have graduated from the Big School.  Miss Deb is a fan of the beach (she swam with whales!), traveling, books, the sun, and fishing.  

Miss Sue is the mom of 2 beautiful grown daughters.  She returns to us after a "retirement" around 2010.  Prior to that, Miss Sue taught Music to our preschoolers for 9 years.  She enjoys spending time with her family, the beach, music, yoga and reading.  Married for 30+ years, she holds a BA in Early Childhood & Middle School Math and a BS in Systems Science.