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3's Teachers

3's with Miss Karen and Miss Deborah
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Joining our Preschool Family last year, Miss Deborah loves teaching in the 3's.  Married to her husband, Chad for 21 years, she is the proud mom of Emily (17) and Olivia (13).  Miss Deborah loves being creative, baking, dogs and being outdoors. She especially loves hiking with her daughters.  

3's with Miss Stephanie and Miss Janet

Miss Janet begins her 12th year here at St. Catherine's Preschool. She and her husband, Scott are the proud parents of 4 Preschool graduates, Emily (22), Stephen (20), Owen (18) and Alaina (16).   A native of Western Pennsylvania, Miss Janet enjoys traveling, live theater, shopping, yoga classes, and going to the movies. 

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Miss Stephanie has been part of the Preschool family since 2018.  Her son is a 3rd grader at the Big School & her sweet little girl jusst graduated from the Preschool and will be entering the Big School as a Kindergartner. Miss Stephanie loves traveling (especially to the beach), Dunkin' Donuts Caramel iced coffee, yoga and all things Disney.  As an avid concert goer, she has been to over 30 concerts!

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3's with Miss Jean and Miss Karen

Mrs. Esposito, whose 3 daughters, Christina, Liz and Amanda are Preschool graduates, is a 26 year veteran of the Preschool. She loves dogs, walking, reading, youtube videos and food & wine.  Originally from Long Island, NY, Miss Jean enjoys time with her family, her husband of 38 years, Michael and randomly bursts out into song while doing chores.


Mrs. Pechous begins her 10th year at St. Catherine's Preschool. She has been married to her husband, Dave, for 37 years.  They have two grown children, Chris and Jackie.  Mrs. Pechous loves spending timewith her family and outdoor activities - kayaking, swimming and bike riding.

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3's with Miss Mika and Miss Lynn

Originally from New Jersey, Miss Mika has been a parishioner and catechist here at St. Catherine's for 5 years and begins her 3rd year here at the Preschool.  She and her husband, Nick have 3 sons, Matthew (22), Anthony (20) and  Dominick (13).  Miss Mika is a proud soccer mom and enjoys watching her older son coach her youngest son's team.  Her family loves their wide array of pets (3 bearded dragons, 1 chameleon, fish, turtle, hamster, cats and dogs).  Miss Mika enjoys the beach, iced coffee, going to Disney World.

Miss Lynn is entering her 3rd year at St. Catherin's Preschool.  Miss Lynn has been a teacher for 9 years. She and her husband, Barry have been married for 34 years with 3 children, Barrett (23), Hailey (21), Ashley (19).  Her children are spreading their wings, 1 lives in Minnesota, 1 attends Xavier University and 1 plays soccer at TMU.  Miss Lynn enjoys spending time with her family.  She is an active tennis player and also enjoys her pets, the beach and spending time with friends.   

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