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2's Classes


Wee 2's

At St. Catherine’s, our youngest program is offered for children ages 16 months to 23 months.  The Wee 2’s have a structured curriculum, which includes art, music, movement, playground, outdoor classroom, and library.  This class is offered two days a week from 9:00am-12:00pm  from August to December, with an additional hour of instruction from January to May (9:00am-1:00pm.)


Terrific Two's

St. Catherine’s Two Year Old Program has been developed to give children a “head start into key developmental areas of learning. This program introduces visual recognition, formation and phonetics of all letters in a creative and fun manner.


Our Two’s are are full of exploration and fun.  We work with our friends on being away from “Mommy and Daddy” and on taking direction from their teachers.


The spiritual needs of the Two’s are fulfilled through traditional prayers and songs in accordance with the Catholic faith.


Gross motor skills for the Two’s are enhanced through movement class, daily playground activities, and classroom games.  Manipulatives such as beads, puzzles, blocks, play dough, and writing materials are used to develop the 2 year old child’s fine motor skills.


The two-year-old program creates a sense of security and independence by nurturing the emotional growth of each child in an environment other than home.


Finally the Two’s curriculum introduces the child to a variety of experiences that stimulate cognitive development. We have a daily schedule with morning and afternoon circle time, thematic art projects, outdoor play, library visits and story time, movement, music, monthly color and shape highlights, manner of the month, and much, much more.

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