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Early 5's Classes

Early 5's

St. Catherine’s Early Fives is a program dedicated to the growth and enrichment of the older preschooler.  The curriculum offers challenges in a variety of content areas through thematic units and promoting Kindergarten readiness. The children approach mathematics through playful discovery using “Mathematics Your Way”, leading them to the concrete discipline of arithmetic.

To develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills, the Language Arts program is phonetic and literature based, utilizing materials from a phonics-based program called Lippincott, Scholastic Level 1 Reading Books, AlphaTales, and Handwriting Without Tears.

Science is explored with weekly themes and hands on activities. Science is enhanced further with monthly classes from “Science Excitement”. This is supplemented with a weekly reader from Scholastic called “Science Spin.”


Our social studies program includes a weekly reader from Scholastic that is used to heighten the awareness of the children towards the community and world around them.

Lessons in Catholic religion, art, movement and music are also an integral part of the Early Fives program allowing for individual expression and creativity. It is the goal of this program to make learning fun and enjoyable. Hopefully, each child will take this love of learning with them as they enter the formal education process.

5 Alive

St. Catherine’s Preschool offers an additional educational adventure called “5 ALIVE” representing an extended and enhanced educational experience.

Our 5 Alive class builds on the Early Fives and represents an extension of educational components.  The extended activities include expanded experiences in science, math, and social studies as well as Bible classes, music, movement, and library.


Five Alive is for those children who will be 5 years of age between September 1 of the current year and the last day of February of the following year.

As the students reach the age of five, they can join the 5 Alive program “in progress” and add time to their school day.

Please give us a call if you wish to know more about “5 Alive” and how your child might benefit from the experience.

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