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3's Classes

St. Catherine’s Three Year Old Program has been developed to give children at this very pivotal year more depth into key developmental areas of learning. This program begins to introduce the visual recognition, formation and phonetics of all letters in a creative and fun manner. Numbers and simple math concepts are developed with hands on activities and manipulatives.


The area of science is explored with weekly science themes and activities. Science is enhanced further with monthly classes from Science Excitement Inc.

The Three’s classes have a weekly reader by Time Magazine that enriches the themes throughout the year and opens up avenues about the people and places around their community and world.

The spiritual needs of the Three’s expands upon the basics of the Catholic faith by reciting grace before meals, attending bible class, and beginning to learn the Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, and The Lord’s Prayer.  Monthly religious themes are used that include Saints, The Ten Commandments, and Bible stories from the Old and New Testament.

Physically the Three’s continue to progress in their gross motor skills through additional movement class time as well as playground activities and classroom games.

We further the emotional and social development of each child through interactive group activities that develop their independence, confidence, and interpersonal skills.

Finally the Three’s curriculum extends the child’s learning experiences through centers that encompass verbal, logical, scientific, and artistic modes of learning.

All of this, plus daily art, weekly music and movement, Bible and Library time make learning fun and give our Three’s a strong foundation for a true love of learning.

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